Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems CABP - Part of Expo

October 24-25, 2023
McCormick Place
Chicago, IL

Speakers: Ron Marshall and Frank Moskowitz

Sponsored by: CABP Magazine

Fee: Part of conference fee

Space is limited

Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems training uses an interactive classroom format specifically for adult learners.

The training is designed to teach facility engineers, operators, and maintenance staff how they can achieve 15-25 percent cost savings through proper operation and controls, system maintenance, and appropriate uses of compressed air. This training adheres to the CAC's principles of product-neutrality and a focus on the systems approach to managing compressed air.

The curriculum will be organized into these sessions:

Why Care About Air
Study Your Supply Side
Understand Your Demands,
Are You On Base
Maintain System Efficiency,
Get With the Plan

Contact: Kimberly Hill at 412.409.4421