Compressed Air, It's Not Free!

Customized One-Hour Compressed Air User Awareness Training Package

Compressed Air, It's Not Free, is a one-hour awareness training program developed by the Compressed Air Challenge (CAC) with the flexibility to be customized to the specifications of your operations. There are three options for partnering with the CAC on the awareness training. Each training package provides detailed step-by-step instructions to properly prepare for and execute the training.

Training Package Details

Training Package 1: Host Run Training

With the Host Run Training package, the awareness training host will purchase a copyright to access the online library of materials. The copyright purchase will include access to the following:

  • Outline of pre-training needs
  • PPT template
  • Instructor Notes
  • Access to database of examples

Price Breakdown

Number of Attendees Copyright Per Person
1-50 Flat Fee = $400
51-100 $150 $5.00
101-200 $150 $4.00
>200 $150 $3.50

Training Package 2: CAC Expert Remote Assistance

The CAC Expert Remote Assistance package includes everything outlined in the host run training package plus the host contracts for an additional fee of $1,200, which includes up to eight hours of access to a CAC approved awareness training expert to assist remotely in preparing for the training.

Training Package 3: CAC Expert Onsite Training Option

The CAC Expert Onsite Training package includes everything outlined in the host run training plus the awareness training host agrees to contract with a CAC expert to assist with training preparations as well as to come to the facility to do the training for the host. The additional fee for this option is $1,800 plus travel costs.

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