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Workshop Hosting

Hosting Compressed Air Challenge (CAC) training is an emphatic statement of your organization's professional standards and commitment to technical excellence. Expert, product-neutral CAC training is unsurpassed in quality and it directly and consistently leads to compressed air improvement projects on the production floor. See energy savings case study data released in October 2020.  This translates to enhanced profitability and competitiveness for manufacturing businesses. Additional benefits include improved production line reliability and reduced environmental impact.

Hosting Kit

The hosting kit below is a series of informational documents and templates intended to provide very detailed step-by-step guidance for every aspect of hosting and presenting a CAC workshop. You may also wish to view the frequently asked questions section for additional information. If you have any questions, please contact

Guidelines and Forms

Event Planning and Marketing

Training Materials


"The Compressed Air Challenge seminars have been key tools in making compressed air the number one performing segment of our industrial energy efficiency programs, year after year. Both compressed air end users and local compressed air salespersons alike consistently rate these session high in helping them understand the benefits of improving compressed air system performance."
 - Ron Marshall, Manitoba Hydro, Canada

"National Grid has hosted a number of CAC training workshops for our industrial customers. These workshops have provided excellent value and have been very highly rated by attendees. The quality of the CAC training and instructors is outstanding. We believe these workshops have a real effect on reducing industrial operating costs for our customers."
 - Anita Hagspiel, National Grid USA, Massachusetts