In order to maximize the pool of resources and engagement from all of the CAC’s stakeholders, the Board of Directors expanded the CAC’s Advisory Committees in 2017 – transitioning away from an overarching Project Development Committee (PDC) and instead moving to a more subject-focused advisory committee structure.  

In addition to the CAC's Executive Committee, the Board created the six new advisory committees listed below to help guide the programs and projects within the organization.  

•    Marketing and Social Media Advisory Committee (Jeromy Cotten – Chair)
•    Training Strategy Advisory Committee (Jim Coulter – Chair)
•    Curriculum Review Advisory Committee (Joe Ghislain – Interim Chair)
•    Instructor Management Advisory Committee (Matt Dooley, Ram Kondapi, and Frank Moskowitz – Co-Chairs)
•    Strategic Partnerships/Outreach Advisory Committee (Joe Ghislain – Chair)
•    Training Materials Advisory Committee (Frank Moskowitz – Chair)