Qualified AM+ Specialists

AIRMaster+ Tool and Training

AIRMaster+ is a Windows-based software tool used to analyze industrial compressed air systems. It is intended to enable users to model existing and future improved system operation, and evaluate savings from energy efficiency measures with relatively short payback periods. AIRMaster+ provides a systematic approach to assessing compressed air systems, analyzing collected data, and reporting results. Users include companies or distributors of compressed air equipment, compressor system auditors, industrial plant personnel, and utility representatives. Through the use of AIRMaster+, end users will achieve cost savings by improving the performance of compressed air systems.

AIRMaster+ Training

The Compressed Air Challenge (CAC), in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), offers a 3 and 1/2 days of training program for compressed air system specialists that includes classroom instruction, a practical exam testing hands-on measurement, and a written exam. Participants who pass the exam will be recognized as a Qualified AIRMaster+ Specialist.

The DOE and CAC recognize Qualified AIRMaster+ specialists for their ability to use the AIRMaster+ software effectively with industrial end users. Used properly, AIRMaster+ is a powerful tool for modeling “what if” scenarios for possible improvements to compressed air systems. Being a Qualified Specialist is a good way to ensure that these scenarios address the full potential of a systems approach.

To become a Qualified AIRMaster+ Specialist, attendees must have previously completed the CAC® Advanced Management of Compressed Air Systems course as a prerequisite to the AIRMaster+ training.

During the AIRMaster+ course, participants will learn:

  • How to use the AIRMaster+ software
  • How to accurately acquire input data for AIRMaster+
  • How to use AIRMaster+ to evaluate compressed air systems and develop a measurement plan
  • How to make measurements for hourly trends of typical daily data vs. making dynamic measurements to characterize system events, pressure and flow profiles
  • How to create AIRMaster+ compressor operating scenarios, accounting for the affect of system dynamics, pressure profiles, characteristics of flow vs. pressure, and compressor control operation.

For more information about becoming a Qualified AIRMaster+ Specialist, contact Tracey Kohler at tkohler@compressedairchallenge.org.

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