Advanced Management of Compressed Air Systems

September 22-23, 2011
Ames, IA

Part Two: Advanced Management of Compressed Air Systems
(You must complete Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems before enrolling in this course.)
After attending this two-day course, you will be able to:
Explain the data and tools necessary to measure and assess the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a compressed air system;
Develop a compressed air system profile;
Address point--of-use issues including:
--> Determining actual air quality requirements and treat air appropriately;
--> Investigating and reducing highest point-of-use pressure requirements;
--> Investigating and addressing high-volume, intermittent applications;
--> Taking stock of what you have;
Implement a compressed air system maintenance program;
Analyze existing compressor(s) and system controls, and implement an effective control strategy;
Align the supply--side with the demand-side operation;
Implement strategies to maintain system alignment;
Communicate to gain support of plant and production management.
Day 1
Taking Measurements
What is Happening Here?-Part I
Developing a System Profile
What is Happening Here?-Part II
Air Quality Requirements
High Pressure Applications
High Volume, Intermittent Applications
Taking Stock of What You Have
Compressed Air System Maintenance
Day 1 Summary and Evaluation
Day 2
Understanding Controls -- How to apply controls to centrifugal compressors and multiple compressor systems
Aligning Supply with Demand - Matching the system output to system requirements
Heat Recovery -- Using ''waste heat''
Putting it All Together - A comprehensive exercise
Selling the Project to Management -Getting approval to implement projects
Bring to Course
For both courses you will need to collect information about your compressed air system including a compressed air system block diagram, type size, and information on the operation of each compressed air system in your plant. More details will be mailed with your confirmation packets.

Contact: Bill Haman at (515) 294-4710