AirMaster+ Specialist Qualification

May 10-13, 2016
Tuscaloosa, AL

Earn recognition as a qualified specialist in the use of AIRMaster+ software by attending a qualification workshop. The Alabama Industrial Assessment Center is offering a 3 and 1/2 day training program for compressed air system specialists. This class includes classroom instruction, a practical exam testing hands-on measurement, and a written exam. To become a Qualified AIRMaster+ Specialist, participants must have previously completed the CAC's Advanced Management of Compressed Air Systems (L2) course as a prerequisite to the AIRMaster+ training. During the course, participants will learn: How to use the AIRMaster+ software; How to accurately acquire input data for AIRMaster+; How to use AIRMaster+ to evaluate compressed air systems and develop a measurement plan; How to make measurements for hourly trends of typical daily data vs. making dynamic measurements to characterize system events, pressure and flow profiles; How to create AIRMaster+ compressor-operating scenarios, accounting for the effect of system dynamics, pressure profiles, characteristics of flow vs. pressure, and compressor control operation; and How to use the LogTool Software.

Contact: Keith Woodbury at 205-348-1647