Joe Ghislain

Joe has over 40 years' experience in Energy, Powerhouse Operations, Compressed Air Systems, Maintenance and Operational Efficiency Improvements. He currently leads GOE, a "Lean, Green, Efficient" consulting company dedicated to helping organizations make their operations more efficient and save money by implementing Energy Efficiency actions (i.e. compressed air system improvements).  Energy Management (i.e. SEM, ISO 50001) and Lean Manufacturing.

Prior to this, Joe was a Senior Manager and 6-Sigma Black Belt at Ford Motor Company for over 31 years', giving him extensive industrial and plant operational experience. Some of the positions he has held include: Licensed Stationary Engineer in a hospital, Power House Chief Engineer, Corporate Energy Engineer, Manufacturing Planning Manager & most notably, Global Manager of Energy Efficiency Programs where he was responsible for developing and implementing energy management programs to reduce energy cost and usage.

Joe has been part of the Compressed Air Challenge since its inceptions.  He serves on the CAC Board of Directors, Chair of the Strategic Partnership Committee and is a qualified instructor for both CAC Fundamentals and Advanced Compressed Air System Training, and contributed to the development of both courses.

Joe degrees include a B.S. E.E.T. and a Master’s in Business Management and Energy.  He serves on a number of national energy committees including ASME Industrial Energy Systems Assessment Steering Committee and EA-4 Compressed Air Committee and U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) for ISO 50001.  Joe also has several energy certifications including CEM, CPEnMS, ISO 50001 Lead Auditor and CAGI Certified Compressed Air System Specialist.

Qualified For

  • Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems
  • Advanced Management of Compressed Air Systems

Contact Information

Joe Ghislain
Ghislain Operational Efficiency (GOE) LLC
Milford, MI 48380