David Booth

Dave Booth has a degree in Engineering from the University of Notre Dame. With over 20 years of experience in the design, maintenance and installation of mechanical and electrical systems, he brings a broad range of diverse problem solving skills and perspective to improving compressed air systems.

Currently employed by Sullair Corporation as a Systems Specialist, Dave was part of the core group that develop their AirMetrix™ compressed air solutions program and plays an integral role in both support and training for their distribution and end user initiatives. His experience includes not only performing air audits and hosting seminars on compressed air systems design and performance improvement but also the development of the LogAir™ data acquisition system and software. LogAir™ is the first data acquisition system specifically designed for use as a tool to help end users improve their compressed air systems.

His primary focus today is that of training and supporting others in the fundamentals of improving compressed air systems. His experience and leadership in compressed air systems design and efficiency improvement are an invaluable asset to Sullair's goal to provide end users with customized compressed air solutions - simply.

Training Experience
His long history of training experience dates back to the start of his professional career. He has developed and taught a broad range of classes on varied topics - from basic hands on courses like fundamentals of electricity and compressor maintenance, to sales training seminars, to very specific advanced compressed air systems management classes. He has hosted innumerable lunch and learn sessions as a consulting engineer for end users and utilities, as a field engineer for distributors, and as systems specialist. More currently, his efforts with Sullair have been focused on compressed air systems. He not only participates as a CAC trainer but is also Sullair's primary trainer on systems management and assessment. His role at Sullair typically includes hosting from 10 –20+ classes a year ranging from 1 to 5 days. Current training responsibilities include, a five day Advanced Compressed Air Systems Audits class, a two day Systems Assessment class, and a one day introduction to Compressed Air Systems Management as well as various other custom presentations for specific end users or internal needs.

Geographic Preference
I currently travel extensively as part of my work with Sullair so at this time I am open as to travel availability and do not have a strong geographic preference.

Qualified For

  • Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems
  • Advanced Management of Compressed Air Systems

Contact Information

David Booth
Sullair Corporation
1940 Deer Haven Lane
Lexington, KY 40509
859-263-7559 cell: 859-619-9755 fax: 859-263-7975