Milton Boyce

Milton Boyce has over 25 years in the compressed air industry, plus over 20 years in sales and project management in the tire retreading industry.  He is a well-respected resource for independent compressed air and vacuum distributors, who face challenging applications requiring a professional second opinion. He has worked for Atlas Copco, FS Curtis, and large distributors of Quincy, Kobelco, IR, and Sullair brands. He is a well-respected professional with experience in the compressed air industry and project implementation.

Milton’s career began in the tire industry, where he became a partner in a tire and retreading materials distributorship, a national sales and product manager, which included designing tire retread facilities which use compressed air, vacuum, and steam utilities. As a leader in a rubber materials trade group, he conducted tire retread failure analysis for large truck fleets and giant off-road operations. This led to the compressed air industry where he quickly applied his background to become a sales leader focusing on industrial, food products, chemical, and research facilities.  As a regional manager, he assisted in the development and growth of several independent compressor houses, providing sales, product, auditing, and business consulting services.  Milton’s background includes conducting facility audits to provide a baseline analysis of compressed air systems and discovering ways to reduce operating and energy costs.  He has proven to be invaluable to customers and electric utilities over the years. 

In addition to being a CAC Level I Instructor, Milton is a D.O.E. Qualified AIRMaster+ Specialist and Energy Expert. He is experienced with several data logging platforms which are used to analyze the interactions of multiple compressors and how they affect the energy consumption of a facility.  His audit and leak surveys have been conducted in hundreds of sites in the Northeast. As an auditor, he is called into facilities to find and solve problems related to pressure drops, processing issues, and energy costs.  He has provided training on many subjects such as compressor selection, compressor controls, selecting the right air quality solutions, establishing leak detection programs, and compressor maintenance plans.

Qualified For

  • Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems

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Milton Boyce
Jamestown, RI 02835