Chris Beals

Throughout his experience, Chris has audited hundreds of plant air systems in a variety of industries throughout North America and Europe.

Prior to becoming a consultant, Chris owned a gas-compressor packaging company and an air compressor distributorship for fifteen years.

Chris teaches compressed air seminars at the request of our clients and the United States Department of Energy and conducts compressed air system assessments at their client's plants.

As a founding member of the Department of Energy Compressed Air Challenge Chris is:

  • A past member of the Project Development Committee were he represented over 600 air compressor distributors throughout the USA
  • A member of the Core Technical Group for the Department of Energy and Compressed Air Challenge, which wrote the training materials for the Compressed Air Challenge Seminars
  • Instructor for Compressed Air Challenge Seminars
  • AirMaster+ Certified

Chris is also the author of several articles on compressed air that have been published in Plant Services magazine and International Energy Technology Conference proceedings. Titles include:

  • "Utilities Energy Rebate Programs"
  • "Unwinding the Spin on Variable Speed Drive Air Compressors"
  • "Reducing Your Leak Rate Without Repairing Leaks"
  • "Smooth It Out"
  • "Air Padding"
  •  "Improving Compressed Air Quality - The Elimination of Moisture"

Qualified For

  • Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems

Contact Information

Chris Beals
Air Systems Management, Inc.
Denver, CO 80112-1506
303-771-4839 fax: 303-224-9030