Jody Sutter

Jody Sutter has a Mech. Engineering degree (BSME) from University of Michigan and has been active with optimizing compressed air systems for over 19 years. His diverse experience with this utility includes experience as an end user (7.5 yrs with a Global tire company), as an Energy Service provider ESCO (2 yrs), as a private system optimizer, and as an international auditor and trainer with a global industrial company. Jody has been involved with optimizing over 1250 compressed air systems in his career and his solution neutral approach and experience has identified over 180,000 metric tons of CO2 reduction opportunity in 2010 alone.

Qualified For

  • Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems

Contact Information

Jody Sutter
Ingersoll Rand
800-A Beaty St.
Davidson, NC 28036