Paul Shaw

Currently a General Manager for Scales Air Compressor Corporation, one of the nation's leading compressor distributors, Paul Shaw has more than twenty-four years in the compressed air industry in positions that have included; engineering, sales, sales management, service technician, and service management.

In his career in the compressor industry he has saved more than a thousand small, medium and large companies millions of dollars in wasted compressor energy by improving compressor and dryer efficiency and is particularly adept at reducing demand through proper compressed air management and process and production machinery improvements. He has performed more than 250 major compressed air assessments and leak surveys from which he brings many real life examples and solutions to help participants gain the most from his seminars.

Mr. Shaw contributed to and is an instructor for both the Fundamentals and Advanced Compressed Air System Training. He consults for and speaks regularly to many engineering organizations, corporations and utilities on the subject of compressed air and energy efficiency.

Qualified For

  • Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems
  • Advanced Management of Compressed Air Systems

Contact Information

Paul Shaw
Scales Industrial Technologies, Inc.
Milldale, CT 06467
800-627-9578 x3118 fax: 203-630-5550