Niff Ambrosino

Niff Ambrosino is a General Manager for Scales Air Compressor Corp., one of the nation's leading compressed air systems distributor and service company.

With over 27 years in the compressed air industry, Niff Ambrosino has in depth experience working as a shop rebuild mechanic, field service technician, sales engineer, energy auditor/surveyor and management. By applying his technical expertise and experience to improving operating efficiencies in the compressor room and reducing compressed air consumption on the demand side, Niff has helped hundreds of customers save hundreds of thousands of dollars through energy savings and increased reliability.

Niff has trained sales and service personnel and conducts compressed air system seminars for end users.

Qualified For

  • Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems
  • Advanced Management of Compressed Air Systems

Contact Information

Niff Ambrosino
Scales Industrial Technologies, Inc.
185 Lackawanna Avenue
Woodland Park, NJ 07424
973-890-1010 x5230 fax: 973-890-7343