Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems WE

Web Edition


In response to the need to cancel in-person CAC training session for at least the near-term in compliance with the increased restrictions for in-person gatherings, the CAC Board of Directors developed a solution to provide an option for hosts to put on the Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems (L1) training online during this time.  Below is an overview of what this will involve.

Please complete and submit a signed online training authorization form (note that this is different than the normal form) to Tracey Kohler.  Please note that this is the VERY FIRST STEP for any host interested in the online training.

Online Training Host Requirements

  • Host will pay one instructor the regular labor rate of $1,250 to deliver 4, two-hour, training sessions presented via GoToTraining.  The maximum capacity for the online version is 30 attendees.  
  • Host will pay a per attendee fee of $75 to the CAC that will include access to a PDF version of the workbook that is printable; however, the user will not be able to copy, save, or alter the PDF.  The fee also covers the administrative costs to the CAC and access to the GoToTraining platform.
  • Hosts of the CAC’s online version of the L1 training will still be able to charge up to $475 for attendees to attend the online training.
  • Hosts can still apply for CEU’s,  

For this period of time, where the country is in various degrees of “lockdown,” we will suspend the mandatory requirement for the Best Practices for Compressed Air Systems manual (BPM); however we strongly recommend that each attendee purchase the manual on their own at a special rate of $60 (including shipping and handling).  Attendees will have the ability to purchase the BPM at the special rate once they register for the online training.  

We sincerely hope that this option will allow for instructors to continue to get this valuable training into the field during this time of increased restrictions.  We recognize that the situation we are all facing is fluid and will continue to regularly evaluate training needs and offerings.  Please reach out to me with any questions.  

About the Online Training

This web-based version of the popular Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems training uses an interactive format that enables the instructor to diagram examples, give pop quizzes and answer students’ questions in real time.

Like the popular in-person class, the web-based workshop is designed to teach facility engineers, operators, and maintenance staff how they can achieve 15-25 percent cost savings through proper operation and controls, system maintenance, and appropriate uses of compressed air. Both the in-person and web-based classes utilize the same basic content and adhere to the CAC’s principles of product-neutrality and a focus on the systems approach to managing compressed air.

The curriculum will be organized into four 2-hour sessions:

  1. Introduction, Why Care About Air and Study Your Supply Side
  2. Understand Your Demands & Are You On Base
  3. Controls
  4. Maintain System Efficiency, Get With the Plan and Summary-Evaluation